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How To Design Your Walls With Kenyan Woven Baskets

To make your home unique, you should use exotic interior and exterior design ideas. For instance, you can decorate your walls with the Kenyan sisal baskets. These are simple-looking baskets that are used for storage, planting flowers, winnowing and ethnic home decorations. As these are natural and beautiful, they are easy to match with other African baskets from Zambia, Uganda, Botswana and Rwanda among others.

Kenyan baskets are several and different in terms of sizes, shapes, raw materials, colors and uses. Some of these are plates made of wicker while others are made from pure sisal. As they are strong African wall baskets, you can drive an invisible screw via their middles and use it to hang them on the wall.

Types of Kenyan baskets

As hinted above, Kenya boasts several different kinds of home décor baskets. These include the following:

  • Winnowing baskets

In Swahili language, winnowing baskets are known as ‘uteo’. These are made of wild grass and palm leaves. They have a slightly curved rim and a wide, circular base and this structure make winnowing possible. Adorned with exceptionally beautiful geometric patterns, these accessories can be used to make a stylish basket wall. For instance, you can place a big sisal basket with thick coils in the middle to create a focal point. Then, hang smaller baskets all around it to create a spectacular look. As some of the ‘uteo’ baskets have two handles that are attached to the round edge, they can be used as trays for food storage. They have neutral hues and will add to the beauty of any wall and room, just like the Zambian Tonga baskets

  • Fruit bowl baskets

These are the best choice if you want to turn your walls into colorful and trendy surfaces. They are vivid and charming, and have sophisticated geometric motifs. A bunch of multi-colored fruit bowls is an effortless way to add a Kenyan design flavor to your own home. These African wall baskets can be hung on a boring wall and they will transform it in a remarkable way. If you want, get some other options too, such as Tonga baskets and hang them together with your Kenyan rattan fruit bowl baskets.

  • Storage baskets

The best Kenyan versions are the water hyacinth baskets. They are designed for storage and can smarten any space. These African baskets are woven with bare hands and are sold to tourists who visit the Maasai markets in Nairobi. They make excellent book storage boxes and are one of the most creative ways to decorate your office shelves or wall cabinets. Hycianth baskets for storage have handles for easier handling.


Woven flower pot holders and plant baskets

A Kenyan woven flower pot holder is locally known as ‘Kiondo’. It is designed with plain or dyed sisal and other raw materials like knitting yarn and threads made of colorful plastic bags. These baskets are also used for carrying goods from the markets or fields.  In the interior and exterior designing context, these African wall baskets are used as plant baskets or planters for flowers.

They come in various sizes, colors and motifs and are easier to decorate any space with.  Whether you want to place them in a child’s room,   corner space near your couch, in the washroom or on an entryway, these African baskets are just perfect. They can be placed on a wooden bench or hanged on a wall like Tonga baskets. It all depends on how you want to use them.