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How to Make a Department Store Living Room of Your Dreams

Department stores are an excellent place to go window shopping, browse, and get new ideas on how to style your home. It’s always so inspiring to see every corner of the store displaying beautiful pieces and style them to blend into their little store vignettes. While it may feel like it’s impossible to bring that department store look, it can work if your home is decorated the right way! No need for interior designers. These tips will help you get the magical and alluring look of a beautifully styled department store living room right to bring to your home.

Start with the Couch

Think of a living room, what is often the centerpiece of this room? It’s the couch, this is one of the most used pieces in the living room and often the largest piece in the room. This draws the eye to it, but it’s where people gather when they’re in the living room. A comfortable couch is one of the most important factors when selecting one. But you need to find the perfect balance between having a cozy and comfortable couch while also keeping it stylish. Make sure to add some neutral-toned throw pillows to the couch for additional comfort.

Have a signature scent in the room

Scents are a big part of the shopping experience for department stores. Oftentimes right when you walk in, there's a sweet aroma lingering around. This helps you immediately relax and feel invited to come in. Aromatic scents are universally welcoming, and they can draw you in. This isn’t only perfect for adding some comfort to your space, but also it comes off as far more inviting. Try finding a scent that is a little sweet but also “clean” such as citrus.

Nicely Displayed Wall Décor

Change out the standard gallery wall for some handcrafted African Wall Baskets. Not only will this add texture and color to your wall, but our baskets come in a variety of sizes. A basket collection is an excellent way to achieve a statement and a unique appearance in your living room. You can go for more colorful baskets that feature bright and bold designs, or maybe you’re into something more subtle like a neutral-colored basket. Juju Hats have become very trendy, and look wonderful when you layer them. These have been showing up in department stores and throughout social media too.

Pick a Focal Point

While a couch is often the centerpiece of a living room, it doesn’t necessarily need to be the focal point. If you look through a department store catalog, social media, or check out a stores vignette's, then you’ll notice that there is often something that’s meant to be the

focal point. You’ll want to pick an item such as a chair, art, rug, or whatever you like and then begin to design around said item. This way, it becomes the focal point in the space. It’s important to pick something that can pop so the other items recede, this way your room is left looking balanced.

Add Some Unique Accents

Once your living room starts to come together, you should take some creative liberties by adding unique decorative accents. While decorating a living room can feel daunting, choose some foundation pieces and the rest can slowly come together. Your space should reflect your style, it’s your living room after all. One of the beauties of going to a department store is the fact that the design of each space is handpicked with care. If you travel often, you can use souvenirs as unique decorative accents or even handmade gifts. Something such as a Senufo Stool is both very unique as it’s a handmade product from the Senufo Tribe, but it’s a perfect decorative piece to display on a shelf or next to a table.

We have other amazing options to choose from that can help bring a touch of Africa to your space. All of our products stand out with their authenticity and their beautiful craftsmanship. Every item is made ethically so you know that you can feel good displaying these pieces in your home.

Liven Up the Living Room with Plants

Plants will make your living room feel so fresh and alive. Greenery, no matter how big or small is an excellent way of bringing nature into your living room. You’ll often find plants in department store catalogs, they do a great job at bringing a space together. When you’re deciding on what plants to add, be sure to look into their care needs and figure out where they should be placed. You’ll want to place the plants somewhere they’ll thrive, not just where they’ll look the best. You wouldn’t want to display a dead plant. Some low-maintenance plants that look good in any space would be Air Plants, Snake Plant, Spider Plants, ZZ Plant, and don’t forget about the Cacti.

The pots are also an important factor when getting plants. You’ll want a pot that not only looks great with the plant but something that is also going to complement the living room. A Bolga Floor Basket is a great option for larger plants such as an Areca Palm. It brings some African culture appreciation, while also standing out as being a very unique piece.

Mix Up Styles

Department stores will usually mix up styles. You might see in a look book that there's a room that’s a crosses between boho meets contemporary or another that displays English cottage with mid-century modern. You can do the same with your space, just play around and mix styles. Bring in elements of styles that you love and have them contrast each other or complement one another, it’s all up to you.

Add Some Vintage

While department stores will sell brand new furniture, many of their items are vintage- inspired. The designers for these stores know there is an importance on looking good but staying unique. Authentic vintage and antique pieces such as Senufo stools or an African Tribal Mask are one-of-a-kind items that can bring a lot of culture and character to your home. Mixing in the old with the new creation for a great contrast in the space can help achieve a sort of balance.

Don’t Forget the Little Details

The small little details shouldn’t be neglected either. These small things are what make a house into a home. Display some photos or other mementos on your shelves, or add a boutique of fresh flowers to the center of your coffee table. These little extras can excel in your home, and you don’t need to buy any of these either.