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Styling Tips for Creating a Functional Home Office

Working from home is a great perk. You get to have so much creativity in setting up your workspace that you wouldn’t have for a cubical. If you’re looking to create a stylish yet functional home office, then continue reading for some excellent tips.

Invest in quality and comfortable furniture

The heart of any home office is a comfortable chair. Half of your day will be you sitting in a chair, so it’s important to invest in a good one. This will make a notable difference in your work life. You’ll want to look for the right fit, the material options, and arm support too.

While it’s excellent if you can find a stylish one, it’s no necessary because the functionality is far more important.

The same can be said for the desk, as a stylish desk can make your home office look amazing it’s better to find a fully functional one and made of high quality. Some home offices will have a small sofa or chair for lounging too if you choose to get one, don’t forget about adding a nice decorative pillow.

Have all the right tools and equipment nearby

It’s far more efficient to have everything you need within your space rather than darting back and forth to get something. You need to keep all of your office supplies such as pens, staplers, and scissors readily available. It’s also important to have all the necessary equipment with you such as a nice computer setup with a couple of monitors, a mechanical keyboard for comfort, a large mouse of accuracy, and maybe a printer-scanner combo just in case. While flashy computer setups can be nice aesthetically, they’re often not functional enough for multitasking or working long consecutive hours.

Check your wire management

Bad wiring can make even the tidiest of places look awful. You do not want to work in an environment where there are jumbled cables and cords around, it looks like a massive mess. Wire management is fairly easy and cost-effective to do such as using cable boxes or just a few zip ties to manage those messy wires. This makes your space look tidy and efficient.

Get plenty of natural light

When creating the space for your home office, one of the first things you must do is to find a space with optimal lighting. Natural lighting is one of the most important factors for creating a comfortable office space. Not only does natural light make a room appear better, but it also has other advantages. Natural light helps adults sleep better and improves their work environment which in turn increases productivity. If possible, try to place the chair and desk close to a window so you can soak in as many sun rays as you can through the day.

While natural light is important, there are days which are too dark or maybe you’re working late. This is where ambient light steps in. Having a high-quality light fixture such as a pendant light can make a statement while adding warmth and personality to a space.

Add some personality with décor

One of the greatest parts of having your own home office is the fact that you can dictate the décor to suit your taste. You don’t have to deal with looking at the old outdated décor like you do in the office. Good décor won’t just make your office space feel more inviting to you, but it can also help you with improving your productivity.

A warm inviting environment is a happy environment ,the options to decorate are just endless. You can add carpet or rugs to the floor, wallpaper, or even decorative accents. Shelves can be a great way to display useful tools but also décor pieces. A small Senufo stool would look excellent on any shelf. These old decorative stools are from the Ivory Coast of Africa. Their unique shape makes the piece stand out but its neutral tones help bring it back to place to blend in perfectly with the rest of the space. While they can come in different colors, a small one is an excellent for displaying on shelves or other furniture such as a side table. Don’t forget to include mementos, photos, or even a scent that makes you happy.

Go green with some plants

A workspace can be a lot happier when nature is involved. While great outdoor views can reduce stress and exhaustion, the next best thing is houseplants. Houseplants can come in a large variety of colors, sizes, and shapes and can be an excellent way to bring some coziness to your space. Look into what sort of plants fit your expertise level of care, the environment that bests suits them, and what you find aesthetically pleasing. Large plants such as palms and birds of paradise can make even the smallest of spaces look bigger. Search for pots and baskets as well for your plants, as they can also bring in some color and personality to the office. Most plants can go a day or two without and watering or misting, so if you’re wanting to avoid your home office on the weekend then you’d be in luck.

Think about the color

If you’re planning to paint your walls or add any wallpaper, be sure to learn a little about color theory first. Different colors have certain impacts on humans, so this needs to be put into consideration. Bright colors promote energy and creativity, while soft pastels like baby blue promote calmness. Darker colors however potentially have negative effects, dark blues and blacks can make you feel more tired or down. These colors are less stimulating which means they could impact your daily productivity when on the clock.

It’s best to keep your space light and airy, but if you’re wanting to add some darker colors to your space anyways, then you can always hang up items on your wall such as a decorative canvas.

Follow ergonomic rules

The top of your computer screen should be at eye level or a little below. This helps reduce eye fatigue and sore neck muscles. Also learn how to properly position yourself, with forearms parallel to the floor.  It’s important  to not only  have quality  furniture, but it should be ergonomic as well. This helps combat any  discomfort  or soreness  while working.

Be creative with storage

You don’t need old fashion filing cabinets to stay organized. Depending on your job, you may end up have a lot of paperwork so it’s important to have proper storage for when it’s needed. Bookcases are an excellent way to stay organized when it comes to having   storage. It’s best to not overstuff your bookcase, but instead tastefully present storage and decorative accents together. This helps with minimizing storage thanks to the shelving system, but also helps with having another area to bring in some of your personality.