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The easiest Way to Create A Basket Wall in Your House

Even if you have the most attractive home, some of its rooms might be plain boring. Such rooms are in dire need of a proper makeover to go together with the rest of the home. If you have a wall you simply don’t admire, it is time to revamp it with African baskets. Interior designers are so in love with these accessories and you should as well.

What are African wall baskets?

These are simple woven baskets that were traditionally used for carrying sorghum and maize from the fields and for winnowing. Totally customary Tonga baskets are a good example and they feature an assortment of patterns: spider web, stripes, swirls and lighting pattern among others. These distinctive bowls have square bases that make them strong and durable.

Other sorts of African wall baskets are the Binga baskets that hail from Zimbabwe. Compared to the Tonga ones, the Binga bowls are less bulky, more delicate and easier to hang on a wall.  Just like Tonga bowls, the Binga ones have neutral, earthy colors and super cute geometrical motifs.

How Tonga’s are made

Tonga baskets are the most fashionable and durable options. They are made from naturally dyed Ilala palm leaves that are harvested in bulk. These baskets are woven on vines and the palm leaves can be used in their present condition or get painted with vegetable dyes.  The weave is often tight and robust, explaining why Tonga bowls last longer. The traditional weavers use just their hands to weave and a single basket takes about two weeks to be ready for sale.

Hanging your Tonga baskets

You can make an amazing wall art with just baskets from the Tonga people of Zambia. Alternatively, you can mix your Tonga bowls with other African baskets from the neighboring Zimbabwe people. These accessories look different and are easier to synchronize. So, what will you need to create an incredibly stylish and lovely basket wall? You will require the following:

  • Your favorite fair trade baskets - These can be from the Zambia, Zimbabwe or Uganda. If you are looking to create an extremely bold wall, get the colorful raffia baskets from Uganda. On the other hand, if you want a natural looking basket wall with earthy tones, then choose African baskets from Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • Removable picture hooks – These hangers are the best if you want to retain your wall as is. They have removable adhesive and are able to hold at least five pounds of weight. As they won’t even leave spots on your wall when removed, these detachable picture hangers are the best picks when hanging your African wall baskets.
  • A string or wire – As most baskets already have loops woven into their body, you may not always need a string or wire. However, if your Tonga baskets don’t have loops on the back, be prepared to create them with a piece of string or flexible wire. As some bowls have a tight weave, you might need to feed the wire or string through various stitches before creating a loop.
  • Create a layout- Make this plan with a piece of paper, pencil and tape and then cut it out and use it as a template. You might require a few templates if you are dealing with baskets of different sizes. Tape them on the wall you want to decorate and take a step back to see if they look great. Make changes if you don’t like the arrangement.

Finish by hanging your African wall baskets on the wall. Replace each layout with a matching basket and admire your stunning basket wall.