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The Meaningful and Mysterious World of Luba Art

Have you ever seen a piece of Luba art and been completely blown away by its beauty? If so, you're not alone. If not, then boy are you in for a wonderful ride! This unique form of African art is characterized by its intricate designs and mysterious symbolism. The woman symbolism. The image of women in Luba art is elaborated in infinite variations, marking the significance of each object: statuette, spear, or calabash, which connect kings and leaders to their gods. As a sacred theme, the woman is omnipresent in a symbolic universe that exalts her, and idealizes her. How awesome is that?!


While the meaning behind Luba art is often difficult to decipher, that doesn't stop people from trying. In fact, the mystery surrounding this art only adds to its allure. What does a particular design or symbol represent? No one knows for sure, since African art was orally passed down and not through written script, and that's part of what makes Luba art so fascinating. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the meaning and history of Luba art, as well as some of the most popular techniques and styles.

Luba art is characterized by its use of intricate patterns and symbols, which often have a spiritual meaning. The symbols are often based on the natural world, with animals and plants playing a big role. One of the things that makes Luba art so unique is the way it's used to tell stories. Each symbol has its own significance, and the artists often use multiple symbols to create a story. This can be a challenge for those who are trying to interpret the artwork, but it's also part of what makes it so intriguing. But where are they from? Which intelligent civilization created these amazing pieces of art?  


The Lubas are a Bantu people who live in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bantu peoples, are approximately 85 million speakers of the more than 500 distinct languages of the Bantu subgroup of the Niger-Congo language family, occupying almost the entire southern projection of the African continent. The Luba people specifically are known for their intricate woodcarvings, which often depict scenes from daily life, as well as spiritual subjects. The carvings are so intricate that you can often see the faces of the people and animals depicted in them.

There's a real sense of vibrancy and energy in the best Luba art, and it's no wonder that it's so sought after by collectors all over the world. For starters, Luba art often tells a story. It might be a story from traditional folklore, or it might be a story about the artist's own life. Luba artists are also known for their use of color and their intricate designs. Many Luba pieces are also highly symbolic, and can be interpreted in multiple ways. This is one of the things that makes Luba art so interesting—every viewer can see something different in it.

When you're looking at Luba art, it's important to remember that each piece has a specific purpose. It's not just decorative—it's meant to be used. For example, masks are often used in ceremonies, and figurines are often given as gifts to symbolize good luck. Animal carvings are often placed in the home to bring protection and luck. Each piece of Luba art has a story to tell, and it's important to take the time to understand the symbolism behind it. When you do, you'll appreciate the art in a whole new light. Especially when you hear that it is not made by just one person! That’s right!


Luba art is not created by just one person. It's a whole community of artists. And the art is never really finished—it's constantly evolving, as new ideas and inspirations come up. The Lubas are a matrilineal society, which means that the family line is traced through the mother. So, the artists are often women, and they often pass their skills and traditions down to their daughters. Don’t worry men… you are not completely left out. There are also male artists, and they often play an important role in the creation of Luba art. It's really a collaborative process, and the end result is something that's incredibly beautiful and deeply meaningful.

But what is it that makes Luba art so special? Why has it become so popular? There's no one answer to that question, but part of the appeal lies in the fact that Luba art is so mysterious. Even the artists themselves don't always know why they create the things they do. And that's part of what makes the art so intriguing—it's a window into a hidden world, a place where anything is possible. It is what it is because it is what it has always been. You feel me?


You never quite know what you're going to find when you look at a piece of Luba art. Each one is a unique and fascinating puzzle, waiting to be solved. Since ancient times, humans have been entranced by the power and mystery of art. And in the case of Luba art, this is especially true. Luba art is more than just a beautiful piece of art – it is a window into the soul of the Luba people. If you're interested in seeing more of this fascinating art form, be sure to check out our shop. This is your chance to grab some of the most beautiful art pieces in the world!