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Tips on How to Create A Wall Gallery With African Wall Baskets

Did you know that African wall baskets are trending now? If you are an ardent internet user, you must have seen these baskets on social media pages. And they deserve all the hype they are getting lately. These baskets can transform a boring wall space in an incredible way. If a cluster of these are hung on a wall, they can make a captivating view that could work for a range of home décor styles.

Whether your home style is rustic, coastal, contemporary or traditional, these African baskets have what it takes to revamp it. Furthermore, the accessories are readily available and inexpensive. They are the easiest way to do up your plain-looking walls. If you are feeling interested in using these for wall decoration, here are nice tips for you.

  • Look for a variety of baskets

While Tonga baskets are extremely popular and fashionable picks, they are not the only options you have. There are baskets from other African countries as well that can make a beautiful wall art. All you have to do is to figure out how to use a variety of African wall baskets in a creative manner. If you run out of ideas, there are several interior design blogs that provide excellent tips on how to decorate walls with baskets. Any arrangement that makes sense to you will be just fine, however.

  • Use baskets exclusively

Although you don’t have to, the best way to test your designing acumen is to create an exclusive basket wall. In other words, remove other wall hangings and portraits and rely fully on African baskets. There are plenty of baskets to choose online and most of them are affordable and easy to use for wall decorations. A simple way to test your arty side is to make simple paper layouts representing each basket size.

Fix them on a wall using a removable adhesive. If you don’t like your first arrangement, swap your basket layouts until you are happy with what you are seeing. Next, replace each layout with the matching wall basket and step back and watch the final appearance.

  • Create a focal point

As there are several different kinds of African wall baskets, you can easily get one for creating a focal point. The best spot to hang a catchy basket is over your fireplace, over your television set or on the main entryway. This should be a place where everyone can effortlessly see. The best type of basket to make a bold statement with should be big, colorful or rich in texture. As well as this, ensure that your focal point basket goes well with your wall and complements the rest of the décor elements. You should be able to create a focal point with one of the loveliest Tonga baskets.

  • Don’t ignore color

Most African wall baskets have a neutral tone, especially items from Zambia and Zimbabwe. When you want to brighten up a dull room, the best baskets to choose are the vivid ones. You can get some from South America and Africa. If you want African baskets, then the Ugandan Raffia baskets or the Senegalese baskets are wonderful choices.

  • Surround a major wall art with baskets

Finally, you can enclose a wall hanging or another form of wall art with your Tonga baskets. This will enable you to augment your walls with two different catchy items.