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Top African Baskets – Discover Tonga Baskets for Wall decoration

If you love living in a beautiful house, then you should know more about the Tonga baskets. Made in Africa, these woven baskets are originally made for carrying farm produce and winnowing grain. They are stunning bowls that are full of texture and color. Totally hand-woven, these African baskets are strong, durable and stylish. They represent contemporary art work and are some of the top items that interior designers are using to transform boring and plain-looking indoor spaces. One of the places you can decorate with them is the kitchen wall, especially if it has a natural and modern feel. The baskets have earthy colors and rich textures; so, they make the best art pieces when you want to add interests to a kitchen wall space without exaggerating its look. 


What are tonga baskets all about?

Locally known as Munyumbwe baskets, these items are woven by the people who live in the South of Zambia. They are small-scale farmers who work in the fields during the cool mornings and weave these African wall baskets in the hot afternoons and evenings. They have double layers that make them thick and strong. One thing you are going to notice when shopping is that these African baskets are a variety. Some are from Zimbabwe and are made by the baTonga people.

In 1960s, the baTonga were forced out of their original fertile land to the area of NW Zimbabwe which is dry and barren. Their original region is now occupied by Lake Kariba. Their bowl is known as the Zimbabwe Binga basket and it is mainly used for winnowing. Another type of basket is designed in Zambia and it is the actual Tonga basket, alternatively called a Plateau basket. All these African wall baskets are totally handmade and flawless.


How to order your Tonga bowl online

As Tonga baskets are currently the trend when it comes to wall decoration, you should get some online. But, where can you locate the best of all? It is important to select a seller who is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. It means that they are in a fair and equitable partnership with the producer of the baskets. Some of the profit received from the sale of these lovely baskets goes to the traditional weavers. Next, ensure that the site you select has a transparent process of ordering and shipping the items. If they can ship your product the same day for free, then you have no reason not to use them.

Another thing to note is that the best online providers of these African baskets offer detailed information about their origin and history. This enables the customer to know what they have just bought and teach to others who might want to get them as well.  Additionally, a good website offers a wide range of baskets and this gives customers a chance to pick different but complementing things. And by buying all bowls at once, you can save money and time. If you want to get these from a great website, check Paulski Art website today.


How to hang the baskets on the wall

Whether you want to hang these on your kitchen wall or another wall in your house, they will effortlessly and brilliantly transform the area. Each basket has a unique size and shape and you want to hang it without ruining its robust structure. As your African wall baskets may not have a ready-made hanger, you can make it yourself with a piece of thread. Attach a thread to the back of the basket where no one can see and use the new hanger to place it on the wall.