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Wall Designing Ideas – Creative Ways to Use Tonga Baskets

To create stunning walls these days, people are using simple and natural-looking things like baskets and hats. For instance, Tonga baskets are currently the most sought after wall décor items. Straight from Africa, these baskets are colorful, graphic and unique. Made with ilala palm leaves, these African baskets are purely woven with hands. They are made by the Tonga women of Zambia and it takes about two weeks to complete just one of these. Designed accurately and perfectly, these baskets are long-lasting and ever stylish; they never look old or out of fashion.

How popular are Tonga baskets now?

Some designers have become addicted to these African wall baskets and find it almost impractical to work without them. Once you purchase just one of these, you will love it so much that you will get a couple of others. Their unique looks and simple structures are addictive. Moreover, you can pick these bowls in any size, shape and color combinations you like. Thus, it is extremely easy and fun to use these for wall designing. As there is a wide assortment of these, you can select just the right African wall baskets to design your wall with. This is regardless of the wall size, paint color or where it is located in your house. Here are top ideas on how to use Tonga baskets to decorate your walls.

  • Place it between two twin beds – If you have twin beds in your guest room and are looking for ways to decorate the area, get a big Tonga basket and hang it right above and between them. The basket will become the focal point between the beds and display will be symmetrical.
  • Floor to ceiling wall decoration – The best way to use several baskets at once is to hang them on the entire wall. That is, hang them from the floor to the ceiling and come up with a gorgeous wall display. All you have to do is to create a lovely pattern; you can hang them vertically or horizontally.
  • Hang your African baskets on a kitchen wall – Make sure that you select baskets that would go well with your wall surfaces. If these surfaces are straight and sleek, the woven texture and irregularity of the baskets will create a totally beautiful display.

Take them outside your house – Just like Kelly Behun, an interior designer, you can hang your African wall baskets in the company of wall hanging plants. This will be an ideal way to come up with a natural and rustic appearance in your outdoor space. Make sure you select an outdoor space where you normally host your guests. They will surely complement your exclusive wall decoration skill and talent.

There are several other ways to use your African wall baskets. Once you start with the above-mentioned tips, you will easily think of other places you can doll up with these bowls.  Ensure that you order your African baskets from a dependable source online. This is one way to ensure that you receive the right thing at the right time. Moreover, ask if there is a return policy just in case your product has a big defect and needs to be returned to the seller.