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What Are Tonga Baskets And Where Are They From?

Have you ever seen a Tonga basket? Could this be the first time you are hearing about it? Tonga baskets are superior quality, hand-woven baskets that are sourced from Africa. They come from the Southern Province of Zambia and are designed by the Tonga women who are known for their excellent basket weaving skill. Boasting extremely distinctive arty designs, these African baskets have a firm square base.


About basket construction

Tonga baskets are constructed from the ilala palm. This palm is known as mapokwe in Tonga language. It is a naturally growing palm that is harvested and used to make these lovely baskets. As their basket weaving art has received global recognition, the Tonga women have to produce as many products as possible to meet the current demand. So they also plant the ilala palm and this is something they have done since the end of 1980s. Furthermore, they sell their bowls via the Tonga Craft Center located in Binga Village, Zimbabwe.

The center receives funding from the Danish government and exports plenty of African wall baskets every year. Hence, it sustains a lot of poor families by helping them earn a profit from their basket weaving art. Since the Tonga people live in an arid area that experiences drought and poverty, the basket making art helps women feed their young ones. Apart from selling baskets, the locals use them to carry their farm produce and to winnow the grain.


A wide assortment of African baskets is available online

It is so easy to get a beautiful Tonga basket online. As several baskets are exported from the native country every year, there is hardly any chance of missing a lovely basket. There are reliable sellers online like Paulski art and you only need to take the time to pick the baskets you want. They have different sizes and shapes, although the basket with a 35cm bottom is the standard one.  You may require different-sized African wall baskets to create a proportional display and the best online seller can provide them.

As well, Tonga baskets have varied designs and patterns. One can pick from the spider web motif, a lighting pattern, or a stripes pattern. There are also more modern weaving techniques that are used to produce irresistible African wall baskets. That’s why you need to explore a huge collection of baskets before selecting the most appropriate ones for home decoration. It is upon you to determine whether the site is popular and sells original African baskets from the Tonga community. Take the time to view various images of these items online so you can understand their exact appearance.


Decorate your walls with these African baskets

International users of Tonga baskets prefer to hang them on their walls. These make great interior and exterior wall decoration items. Additionally, they can satisfy both a functional and a decorative purpose. If you wish to use some of your baskets as a tray or a decorative accessory to place on your table or shelf, go right ahead.  However, wall designing is the main way to use your Tonga basket as it can fit almost everywhere.