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How to Craft an African Safari Pool Paradise

It's your backyard paradise and you want to transport yourself to the open savannas of Africa without ever leaving home. You crave an escape to the wild but on your own terms. We get it—who doesn't want to channel their inner adventurer from time to time? The sounds of exotic birds chirping, a warm breeze in the air, vibrant colors all around. 

An African-themed pool space can deliver all this and more right to your backyard. With some key touches inspired by the dark continent, you'll be swimming with elephants and lounging with lions in no time. Here are five essential tips to craft an African safari pool paradise of your very own. Your passport isn't required for this adventure, just your imagination. Let's get started.
First things first, to create an authentic African safari vibe for your pool area, go with earthy, natural colors. Think warm browns, tans, and terra cottas. These hues will make you feel like you’ve escaped to the savanna. Stay away from bright blues and greens. Instead, consider a brown, sand-colored concrete or stone for the pool deck and edging. 
For patio furniture, choose all-weather wicker in brown or black or teak wood. Use natural fiber rugs and fabrics in neutral colors to complete the look. You could use the bamileke or senufo stools!
Lighting is also key. Opt for rustic wood or metal fixtures that cast a warm, golden glow over the space at night. Tiki torches or a fire pit add ambient light and help keep mosquitos away so you can enjoy your safari oasis in the evening. Light the space with lanterns, tiki torches or a fire pit. Their ambient glow will create an exotic mood, especially once the sun sets.
With the right color palette, furnishings, plants, and lighting, you'll have an African-themed backyard escape in no time. Before you know it, you'll be imagining the sounds of exotic birds and wildlife while floating in your own private watering hole! Now go forth and craft your safari pool paradise. The adventure awaits!
Design inspirations all over the internet will show you that to complete the safari oasis vibe, you'll want to incorporate decor and accents that transport you straight to the African bush. Add natural wood elements like untreated logs, bamboo, or rattan. These help create a rustic look and are perfect for constructing a shade structure, trellis, or privacy screen.
Include plants with big, dramatic leaves like philodendrons, monsteras, or palm varieties. Cluster a few together in large planters for maximum impact. Their lush greenery will make you feel like you've stumbled into a jungle.
You could also include wildlife-themed decor such as animal print fabrics, faux taxidermy like antlers or a leopard print rug, or sculptures of animals found on safari like elephants, zebras or giraffes. With the right decor and accents, your backyard oasis will become an African escape in no time. Close your eyes, feel the warm breeze, and listen—you just might hear a lion roaring in the distance! Now that's a staycation.
Another way is to landscape With Indigenous Plants. To create an authentic African oasis, landscape your pool area with plants native to the region. Indigenous flora will provide shade, privacy, and ambiance while attracting local wildlife like birds, butterflies, and small mammals. Some examples are:
No African-themed space is complete without palms. Species like date palms, doum palms, and coconut palms are ideal for poolsides. Their long, elegant fronds provide dappled shade and a tropical vibe. Plant smaller palms in clusters for maximum impact.
For low-maintenance greenery, succulents are perfect. Aloes, euphorbias, and sansevierias do well in hot, arid climates and require little water or care. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to create visual interest. Succulents also pair nicely with palms and acacias.
Tropical vines like bougainvillea, passionflower, and jasmine provide privacy, shade, and fragrance. Train them up trellises, pergolas, or walls surrounding the pool. Their colorful flowers will attract hummingbirds and butterflies, bringing your African oasis to life. Prune vines regularly to control growth and promote flowering.
By incorporating indigenous African plants into your pool landscaping, you'll craft an exotic escape reminiscent of a luxury safari lodge. Your natural paradise will make a bold statement and provide an authentic experience for guests. With the right mix of palms, succulents, flowering vines and more, your backyard will become a secluded Eden in the heart of the urban jungle.
With colorful tiles, natural stone accents, lush greenery and dramatic lighting, you'll feel transported to the savanna. Don't forget creature comforts like a cabana, lounge chairs and a fire pit for enjoying warm evenings under a blanket of stars. By focusing on authentic touches, high contrast and an oasis vibe, you can create a staycation-worthy space that ignites the senses. Now all that's left to do is grab your swimsuit, mix a cocktail and take a plunge into your new favorite getaway. The wild awaits!