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INTERIOR FOCUS: Kuba Cloth Décor Inspirations You Must Try

'' Interior design is the ultimate reflection of the external world. It’s an indicator of time, of emerging trends and of collective consciousness.''

From the earliest periods in the development of man's craftsmanship, samples have been discovered and preserved which indicate that man has woven designs and motifs into fabrics. The famous Kuba Cloth fabric from The Democratic Republic of Congo, dating back to the 17th Century has gained renowned fame and recognition as a significant art tradition. The intricacy and diversity of techniques used for Kuba cloths described in a latter article, revealed the secrets of KUBA, and how they used more than one technique to create their fabrics. This brilliance has been noted across the world, with different Kuba cloths having several stitching designs; some whole, some bare pieces of the fabrics, same design or different, stitched together to create this elite piece.


With the state of the world and everything going on prompting the change to spending more time than ever in our homes, it has become a natural feeling and motivation to upgrade our rooms, redecorate, repaint or move furniture here and there for some location testing therapy. Just anything to get moving and feel alive. The desire to be back outside and enjoy nature and activities the way we used to forced us to bring nature back into our homes, to balance our states of mind, and appreciate all the gifts that mother nature freely gives. This includes the creations made from purely natural products. It makes sense because we are intimately tied to our environment. It may depend on personal tastes, interior design trends and technology’s ever-evolving trend, but even in small doses, nature is a potent elixir.

The Kuba cloth is one to definitely improve your spirits. I mean… the tasteful geometric designs that look like a maze, or patches of a code, almost as if they were secret manuscripts of an old language, possessing tribal messages that helped them identify with one another. 

Kuba Cloth Décor Inspirations

The Kuba cloth is eccentric and special in its preservation of the kingdom of Kuba and their value of community. This is seen in how the fabric is assembled from blocks embroidered by multiple women. Each and every length of cloth was unique in their own way, as is African art. No two pieces are exactly alike. You see, when you take time to create something, it means that your whole heart and soul is integrated into your creation, as it has taken your effort, skill and attention to detail to make it prime. If I told you that a block can take months or even years to complete and multiple blocks are combined to the desired length of the skirt, which is usually 25 feet long… wouldn’t you want to get one already? Here are some ways you could make it work in your home.

Soft Furnishings

Anything with a soft feel is referred to as a soft furnishing. They range from different fabrics to leather. This involves the finished goods as well. This contemporary period with the advantage of technology has taken soft furnishings' usage in interior spaces to new dimensions. Interior designers have started experimenting with a range of African fabric materials in interior environments.

a) Pillowcases

Pillowcases are the most popular design trend in soft furnishings. They go extremely well on a bland canvas, bringing aesthetics and class into your home.


Pillows tie the colors and accents of the room, drawing on the colors in drapes, walls or area rugs. Place them on your beds, sofas, lone stools... it's all about your curiosity to style. 

b) Table runners /mats

Using the Kuba cloth as a table runner or mat adds color, texture, and interest to your table, and creatively lays the foundation for your table décor. 


Line your mahogany, marble, or whatever table type you have with Kuba tapestry and feel as if you are dining the way our ancestors at the Royal table did.

c) Carpets

Your floors will thank you for getting a Kuba cloth rug! Laying out the rug adds beauty to any living room, hallway, bedroom or balcony. It gives you this feeling of being attached and aware of African roots, while increasing the aesthetics of your home. Appreciating culture.


Wall Hangings

Atmospheres are elusive. In a home, it is vital that the feel is in tune with your inner being, otherwise the air will always feel off, like something is missing. Wall hangings play a part in tuning the atmosphere of a room.


The present renaissance of crafts around the world has placed the wall hanging, in general, into a more respected artistic expression in which it functions as a beautiful and useful solution for today's decorative problem. It brings in character, while playing ‘dress up’ with the plain walls.


Hanging the Kuba cloth in your home brings in an authentic tone, with the brown hues representing the earth. It subtly merges into any interior style without being too dramatic. You could hang the entire tapestry up, or decide to frame it and hang it in different sections of your home. Spread the royalty vibe all over the room.

Do you want to decorate your home with the Kuba cloth but don’t know where to start? Try out small, with a pillow or two. Believe in products that provide unprecedented comfort through thoughtful design and the highest quality materials.