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Paulski Art: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Paulski Art?

Paulski Art is a direct and leading distributor of original Juju hats based in the U.S. It sells totally handmade products sourced from the Republic of Cameroon. These hats can be brought to your doorstop and you can select any color you wish.

What does the term Juju means?

It refers to a special headdress or hat that is made of chicken, goose or wild birds’ feathers. This cultural accessory is a respectable item in Cameroon. It is designed for the royals and reputable people and worn during festive ceremonies and burials. As these hats look extremely unique, smart and stylish, they have captured the attention of most international interior designers. They are usually hung on a wall to create a superb focal point while complimenting your home’s overall design style.

How is a Juju hat made? Are there special tips on how to care for it?

Designed fully with bare hands, juju hats are the simplest and most stylish décor items existing. As aforesaid, they are made by the people (Bamileke) of Cameroon. They hold feathers in high regard and view them as rare symbols of beauty, prosperity and wealth. Alternatively, this is called a Tyn hat or Bamileke hat and has a neat, foldable design for easier storage. We include care and maintenance information with every shipment. As moths love feathers, Paulski Art treats its Juju hats before shipping and provides extra tips on how to unwrap and care tips online.  

Where can I hang my Juju hat?

As these are gorgeous home décor items, you can hang them anywhere you wish: bedroom, living room, dining area, entryway, and bathroom and so on. It can suit any area of your home as long as you select it carefully. Besides, we always share free tips and knowledge on how to design with Juju hats on our social media pages. So, feel free to read our blog as well as Instagram and Pinterest pages.

Can I order something special? For instance, could you get me a huge black Tyn hat or a small purple one if none is present on your website?

As we work with local craftsmen, we can get you the exact custom-made hat you want; we don’t mind its color or size. Just make a request and allow us time.

Shipping Details

How long do you take to deliver orders?

We typically require 1-2 days to process all orders and an additional 4-6 days to receive your purchase. Each step is automatically updated and upon shipment, you will receive an email with tracking information.

What are your shipping costs?

We strive to offer competitive shipping in most of our products including free shipping with all of our Kuba pillow covers.