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Yoruba Bronze Torque: The Emblem of Wealth and Social Prestige

What is the symbol of wealth where you come from? Do you know your roots?  For centuries over, artists all over Africa have been shaping knowledge and material into works of unique historical significance. The artists of ancient Ife, the ancestral home of the Yoruba and the mythical birthplace of gods and men, were clearly interested in creating works that could be read and deciphered by their people. The Yoruba people, who are indigenous to Nigeria and parts of Benin and Togo, have a rich history of bronze casting. One of their most iconic forms of bronze artwork is the torque, a type of necklace or collar that is worn around the neck. A Yoruba bronze torque is a type...

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Our Top 3 Natural Alternative Picks for a Healthier Life

In recent years, the world has been witnessing a shift towards natural and sustainable solutions for everyday problems. People are embracing eco-friendly alternatives and trying to use more natural products in their lives. This is making the world more conscious of its environment and reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources. Going natural is an important aspect of living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. By embracing natural products and methods, we can reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins, improve our overall well-being, and help protect the environment One major benefit of going natural is that it can improve our physical health. Many conventional personal care and cleaning products contain a host of chemicals and toxins that can be harmful...

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Storytime: A Look at the History of Kenyan Woven Baskets

Africa is a continent that has been blessed with an abundance of culture and art. From intricate basket weaving to vibrant fabric designs, Africa has something to offer for everyone. Basket weaving has become a symbol of African culture and is used as a way of expressing one’s identity. This traditional art form is so versatile that it can be used for both utilitarian and decorative purposes. In recent years, the use of baskets in Africa has diversified with the advent of modern technology and materials, creating unique and innovative designs that remain true to their traditional roots. Our focus today is on Kenya. Kenyan woven baskets, also known as "mkate wa kisasa" in Swahili, have a rich history and...

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Dogon doors: Magical Authenticity in the Realm of Reality

When I tell you that Africa is a magical place filled with mysteries we are yet to understand as they unfold into the world story by story, you better believe it. African people have a special kind of magic that is unlike any other culture in the world. This is evident in their art, music, and stories which have captivated millions around the world. African stories tell of courage, strength, resilience, and wisdom - all traits that are often overlooked in today's society. From traditional folklore to contemporary literature, African stories are full of lessons and morals that can be applied to our lives today. They draw on the ancient wisdom of traditional cultures while embracing modern themes and values....

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Create a Sacred Space: African-Inspired Meditation Room Crafting

More and more people are starting to have the mindset of creating a space that is just their own; others have been going on and on about how they just want to get away and move to a space where they can be themselves, recollect and connect to their inner beings. The world is shifting into more and more awareness of self and what we need to grow as sane humans unshackling the bondage of generational curses. Mental health has become an important aspect of our lives, and having a space of your own can go a long way in keeping it healthy. It is a place where you can relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of life....

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