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Uncover Your Home's Hidden Charm With African Accents

You know your home has hidden depths of style and character waiting to emerge. All it takes is finding that spark of inspiration to uncover its charm. Look no further than African decor and accents. Vibrant colors, bold patterns, and natural textures are hallmarks of African design that can transform your space.

Whether you go all in with a dramatic accent wall or start small with decorative accents, African-inspired decor helps your home reach its full stylish potential.

So, you want to add warmth and visual interest to your space... Mama Africa and her textiles got you covered! These colorful fabrics are bold, vibrant, and pack a pattern punch. Invest in authentic mudcloth, kente cloth, or wax print fabric to use as table runners, pillows, or wall hangings.
Mudcloth, made from handwoven cotton, comes in earthy tones and geometric designs. Kente cloth is also handwoven, featuring colorful striped patterns. Wax prints contain vibrant floral and tribal motifs.
You can never go wrong with a vibrant patterned rug to tie the room together and make a statement. An array of cushions, blankets and throws in complementary colors and patterns creates a cozy layered look. Group several pieces of the same pattern together for maximum impact. Or combine complementary patterns in the same color family. Either way, the vibrant colors and busy designs are meant to energize your space.
To balance the visual excitement, keep the walls neutral and let the fabrics do the talking.
Natural materials like wood, whether used sparingly as an accent or liberally for an authentic esthetic, inject life, soul and a sense of the exotic into any room. So go ahead, unleash these colorful, patterned fabrics on your home and uncover its hidden charm!
Bringing a touch of nature indoors is a great way to give your home an authentic African vibe. Baskets and wood carvings are perfect for this. African baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Coiled grass baskets, colorful straw baskets, and lidded baskets make great decorative accents and storage.
Place a few baskets on a coffee table, cabinet, or shelf for texture and warmth. You can also use baskets for blankets, laundry, firewood, or kids’ toys. Have a look at our array of baskets from all over Africa to get a feel of what your home is lacking for that luxurious transformation! 
Wood carvings, like statues, masks, bowls, and trays, connect you with traditional African artistry. Carved animals, people, or abstract shapes liven up any surface. For extra charm, group several pieces together on a table or mantle.
Don’t forget wall art! Framed baskets, carvings, beads, or textiles turn blank walls into galleries. Create a collage or hang pieces at different levels for visual interest. Bringing natural materials and handcrafted goods into your home helps support African artisans and adds soul. Even just one or two baskets or carvings can make a big impact. Add other touches like patterned textiles, fresh greenery, and warm lighting for a cozy, worldly feel. Your space will be glowing with character in no time.
Uncovering your home’s hidden charm is about making personal connections. African accents help you do just that in an authentic, meaningful way. Start with a few special pieces and build from there—your home and spirit will thank you!
Remember, to infuse accents into your space, you have to collect, collect, collect! Here's how: 
1. Collect Authentic Artifacts - Displaying authentic African collectibles in your home is key to achieving an authentic feel. Look for handcrafted items like wooden masks or statues depicting ancestral spirits, colorful woven baskets, mats or textiles, handmade jewelry featuring cowrie shells, beads or carved stones, musical instruments such as drums, rattles or thumb pianos.
These types of handicrafts have deep cultural significance and history. Try sourcing them from local African import stores or fair trade organizations that support independent artisans.
2. Include Natural Materials - Incorporate natural materials and textures that are common in traditional African home decor. Things like raffia, grasses, fibers or burlap for tablecloths, placemats or wall hangings, large leaves, gourds or baskets for decorative storage, animal skins, hides or furs as rugs, pillows or throws, wooden bowls, trays or candle holders.
These rustic touches create an earthy, handcrafted feel that complements the cultural pieces.
3. Warm Up the Color Palette - Warm colors are an important part of the overall esthetic. Consider repainting walls in rich orange, red and yellow tones or adding accent pieces in these shades. Some specific hues to work in include burnt orange to evokes warmth and hospitality, terracotta for natural earthy shade, great for pottery or tiles, mustard yellow to brighten, make it cheerful and illuminating, or crimson red for a bold, dramatic and symbol of life feel.
A colorful space filled with natural textures, handicrafts and warm tones will give your home an authentic African vibe. By thoughtfully incorporating artifacts and design elements from African culture, you can create a space that pays homage to the diverse artistic traditions of this vibrant continent.
4. Don't be afraid to mix in bold colors, tribal patterns, and natural materials - your home is meant to reflect your unique style and story. Start with something simple like a mudcloth pillow, handcrafted basket or carved wood accent table. Once you see how it enhances your space, you'll be hooked.
The history, culture, and craftsmanship woven into each piece will give your rooms warmth, depth and a sense of global connection. Before you know it, your place will be filled with meaningful finds from your adventures.
Uncover the charm waiting to be released in your home - one African treasure at a time. Now get out there and start your decorating safari! Your home awaits the warmth of the African sun's creations.