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Zambian Tribes – Introducing the Tonga Community

Overview Zambia is known to have 73 tribes. Other than the Tonga tribe, the other Zambian tribes are believed to have migrated from the Luba-Lunda Kingdom in DRC and Angola. So the real origin of the Tonga tribe that makes beautiful African baskets is unknown. Even so, some Iron Age settlements believed to have been built around the 7th century have been found in different parts of the Southern Province. The Ingombe Ilede, which means ‘the sleeping cow’, is one of these ancient settlements and it is associated with the Mbara people. These are thought to be the ancestors of the Tonga tribe. The fact that the Mbara and Tonga communities had similar pottery skills proves that the Tonga were...

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Describing the Hand-woven Tonga Baskets from Zambia

If you are a home interior designer who adores African art, then you should learn more about Tonga baskets. These are traditional accessories designed by the Tonga people. They live in the South of Zambia and their main income-generating activities are basket weaving and subsistence farming. During the morning hours, the Tonga people work in their gardens and start weaving in the afternoons when the weather is so hot. Living in a dry and barren area, these people depend more on the earnings they get from their basket weaving art. These African baskets are rustically woven in huge numbers by the local women. They are then sold abroad so as to benefit the weavers who receive a portion of the...

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What Are Tonga Baskets And Where Are They From?

Have you ever seen a Tonga basket? Could this be the first time you are hearing about it? Tonga baskets are superior quality, hand-woven baskets that are sourced from Africa. They come from the Southern Province of Zambia and are designed by the Tonga women who are known for their excellent basket weaving skill. Boasting extremely distinctive arty designs, these African baskets have a firm square base.   About basket construction Tonga baskets are constructed from the ilala palm. This palm is known as mapokwe in Tonga language. It is a naturally growing palm that is harvested and used to make these lovely baskets. As their basket weaving art has received global recognition, the Tonga women have to produce as...

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Wall Designing Ideas – Creative Ways to Use Tonga Baskets

To create stunning walls these days, people are using simple and natural-looking things like baskets and hats. For instance, Tonga baskets are currently the most sought after wall décor items. Straight from Africa, these baskets are colorful, graphic and unique. Made with ilala palm leaves, these African baskets are purely woven with hands. They are made by the Tonga women of Zambia and it takes about two weeks to complete just one of these. Designed accurately and perfectly, these baskets are long-lasting and ever stylish; they never look old or out of fashion. How popular are Tonga baskets now? Some designers have become addicted to these African wall baskets and find it almost impractical to work without them. Once you...

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Top African Baskets – Discover Tonga Baskets for Wall decoration

If you love living in a beautiful house, then you should know more about the Tonga baskets. Made in Africa, these woven baskets are originally made for carrying farm produce and winnowing grain. They are stunning bowls that are full of texture and color. Totally hand-woven, these African baskets are strong, durable and stylish. They represent contemporary art work and are some of the top items that interior designers are using to transform boring and plain-looking indoor spaces. One of the places you can decorate with them is the kitchen wall, especially if it has a natural and modern feel. The baskets have earthy colors and rich textures; so, they make the best art pieces when you want to add...

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